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11 March 2020.

The Fondazione keeps its virtual doors open

Dear everyone,

In this moment of great change, we are more conscious than ever that contemporary art can be an extraordinary tool to read today’s world, to embrace its complexity and to understand its transformation. We want to keep on making all this possible and will do so by opening our virtual doors, making projects and materials available online and by actively listening to each other.

Starting from today, on our website’s home page and on our social media accounts we will share a series of new features.

Try this at home

Through our Instagram account and our website, we will engage with families, students and teachers by sharing content and workshops featured in our e-book Art at Times: an interactive map conceived to explore the world of contemporary art, available in Italian and in English.

The Life of an Exhibition

Even though it’s not possible to visit Berlinde De Bruyckere’s exhibition in person, our series of daily stories posted on Instagram, Facebook and our website, will make you feel like you here at the Fondazione. These stories will show family workshops, a performance by a group of art school students inspired by the exhibition, training courses for teachers, hands-on activities for children and more, so that Aletheia can keep on providing inspiration.

Let’s Read

Let’s Read is a collaboration between the Fondazione and the Turin Public Libraries. If we can’t read together, we can do it at home, sharing passages, quotes, highlights and recommendations on Instagram Stories using the hashtag #letsread.

We will create a collection of different voices, words and images to connect us, all under the theme of change and transformation – a thread that weaves together the Fondazione’s 2020 exhibition program.

I Speak Contemporary

I Speak Contemporary is an e-learning project, created in order to get students closer to contemporary art through the use of the English language and made possible through the Diderot Project by Fondazione CRT. On our website you can find video lessons on six important contemporary artists: Maurizio Cattelan, Gabriel Kuri, Ragnar Kjartansson, Goschka Macuga, Paola Pivi and Hans-Peter Feldmann. The website features videos, texts, workshops and a rich archive of images and links through its blog. The Instagram account @Ispeakcontemporary also features fresh content about artworks, artists and exhibitions and posts interviews with students and teachers.

It is now more important than ever to not to feel isolated and to participate and rediscover our voices. We may stay at home but we can remain connected and keep on listening to each other.

At this moment in time, where extremism and racism proliferate, where compassion and solidarity have withered, where we see so many resemblances to the restlessness of the late 30’s that preceded the unspeakable monstrosities of the Holocaust, where this particular defamation of civilization is being questioned and denied by people with too much political power, I feel the need to bring bold, strong images – to bring this room to the audience as a sensatory, immersive experience.” Berlinde De Bruyckere

Here you can watch the interview to Berlinde De Bruyckere made by the students of Turin’s Liceo Artistico Cottini:

06 February 2020.

Artist talk by Berlinde De Bruyckere

On February 6, at 6.30 pm, the Auditorium of Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo will host a talk by Berlinde De Bruyckere. The artist will share with the public the creative trajectory and main themes at the centre of the exhibition ALETHEIA currently on view at the Fondazione.
The lecture will be introduced by Irene Calderoni, curator of the exhibition.

The conference will be held in English with Italian translation

Free admission, subject to availability
To book:

01 November 2019.

Berlinde De Bruyckere

Berlinde De Bruyckere. ALETHEIA
1 November 2019 – 15 March 2020
Opening 1 November, h 7 pm

Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo presents ALETHEIA, a large monographic exhibition dedicated to the work of Berlinde De Bruyckere (Ghent, 1964).
With her sculptures, De Bruyckere investigates universal themes such as the suffering body, pain and memory, and the need to overcome and transform. Consistently drawing from art history and mythology, as well as the everyday reality of failing social structures, De Bruyckere creates work with a strong emotional impact, whose materiality invites the viewer to reflect on the human condition. On this occasion, the artist has conceived a condensed body of work that is displayed throughout the entire exhibition space of the Foundation in order to create an organic narrative – an intense dramaturgy developing from distinct monumental sculptures to culminate in a large, environmental installation.

21 September 2019.

Opening Da Guarene all’Etna 2019

Da Guarene all’Etna 2019
Boiling Projects

Palazzo Re Rebaudengo, Guarene d’Alba (CN)

September 21 – November 17, 2019
Opening: September 21 at 7.30 PM

Sandretto Re Rebaudengo Foundation presents the exhibition Da Guarene all’Etna (From Guarene to Etna 2019) – Boiling Projects, that will be held at Palazzo Re Rebaudengo between September 21 and November 17.

Exactly twenty years after the first exhibition held in Taormina in December 1999, and following its subsequent editions (the last being GE/14 Altro dalle immagini in 2014), Turin’s Sandretto Re Rebaudengo Foundation aims to celebrate this long cycle of significant exhibitions that marked four decades of photographic research in Italy with a new show carrying the emblematic title of GE/19 Boiling Projects.

From Guarene to Etna 2019 is a project in collaboration with OELLE Foundation, Catania.
Twenty-five artists are the protagonists of this new appointment that, starting September 21, will take place in Guarene d’Alba within the historical venue of the Sandretto Re Rebaudengo Foundation. Among the twenty-five invited artists, we find photographers such as Luca Campigotto, Paola De Pietri, Alessandra Spranzi, Francesco Jodice, Antonio Biasiucci, Pino Musi, Carmelo Nicosia, Daniele De Lonti, Luca Andreoni, Tancredi Mangano and Antonio Fortugno, who in 1999 were considered “emerging artists”, and today are the points of reference for the younger generations.

Since then, Italian photography has walked down many paths, at times very different from one another. It has widened its horizon and, most of all, the meaning attributed to images today.
By specifying once again its inherent fragmentation, photographic research presents itself as a container for ideas and projects that, once fermented, can find solutions that sometimes are in line with this moment in history; other times, it offers an escape route, or a mirror for existential matters – like in the work of younger artists such as Claudio Gobbi, Gianni Troilo, the duo composed by Tommaso Fiscaletti and Nic Grobler, Gianni Ferrero Merlino, Francesco Cardarelli, Nicolò Degiorgis, Luca Pozzi, Renato Leotta, Marco Tagliafico, Paola Pasquaretta, Tiziano Mainieri, Elisa Crostella, Giuliano Severini, and Francesco Di Giovanni.

Photographs, films, installations, performance documentation, visual storytelling – a collection of “works in progress” that appears miscellaneous, and yet, in its entirety, shows a cohesion in terms of expressive capability and modality of communication.

In the spring of 2020, the exhibition will be showcased again at OELLE Foundation in Catania.
The exhibition is curated by Filippo Maggia and will be accompanied by a catalog published by Skira.

Palazzo Re Rebaudengo,
Piazza del Municipio, Guarene d’Alba (CN)

08 March 2019.

Women’s Day March 8 2019. Closure of exhibitions postponed at 20

Closure of exhibitions postponed at 20

The Foundation offers to all women, from 16 to 20, a free drink at the Spazio7 café.
For men free entry to exhibitions.