2021 – 2022

Verso is a new programme from Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo, created in collaboration with Regione Piemonte and the national youth policies department, and devoted to the new generation. It will combine curatorial and educational approaches to explore today’s urgent issues, such as: autonomy and fulfilment of the younger generations, their participation in social and political life, and the prevention and problematisation of ‘new addictions’, which are often a direct product of specific dynamics in our societies. The project will run from May 2021 to July 2022 and is targeted at the 15-29 age group, who will be the prime users and producers of the programme’s activities.

The course will be divided into thematic chapters that will seek to deepen thought on these topics and collectively address the needs of young people from a political perspective and through political tools. Among the areas of research will be: language as a device for producing opinion and subjectivity, the assembly as a place for democratic confrontation, political reasoning as an arena for questioning reality, technology as a tool for constructing the self, and urban space as a scenario for emancipation and the conquest of rights.

During each chapter of VERSO these themes will be explored through different activations that will constitute dialogical and collective knowledge production devices. This includes: group shows with Italian and international artists (with a focus on emerging creatives), public programmes that will involve different educational organisations in the region (institutional and independent), and educational programmes consisting of laboratories, workshops and research groups. An integral part of the programme will be a specially developed digital platform,, which will document and host contents related to the programme and will allow participants to share their contributions. The platform will also be a place where digital meetings can take place in streaming mode, facilitating means for sharing knowledge during Covid-19 restrictions.

In Italian, the title VERSO means both ‘towards’ and ‘verse’. It indicates a movement towards the future, recalls a performative, and has a poetic and therefore linguistic dimension.

The project will build upon Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo’s long-standing expertise in the field of education and, in particular, the training of young audiences, and is the response to a sustained belief that the artistic institution is a place for knowledge production and direct participation.