Paul Kneale

Flat Earth Visa, Guarene (CN)

21 September 2019 – 30 September 2020

Collina di San Licerio

Flat Earth Visa, 2019
Paul Kneale
Toronto, Canada, 1986. Lives and works in London

Hill of San Licerio (Guarene, CN)

Among the renovated Nebbiolo vineyards on the hill of San Licerio, in Guarene, since 2019 Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo promotes a new program of contemporary art, by means of the installation of large-scale sculptures commissioned to some of the most promising young artists on the international
scene. The first commission has been given to Canadian artist Paul Kneale.

Among the young vines on the hill of San Licerio, Canadian artist Paul Kneale installed a new work called Flat Earth Visa, introducing a unique and intense dialogue between nature and culture. The sitespecific installation is composed by distinct sculptures: a satellite dish, with the body of the reflector
outlined by neon tubes, and a series of laser-cut steel fences. In these two works, the artist explores the possibility of translating digital processes into sculptural objects: in the first he created a form that recalls the journeys and the bridges between the satellites and the long-distance communication
ground stations; in the second one, he transformed the digital images of the fences into concrete presences. Although deprived of its communicative function, the satellite dish remains active, a vibrant body made of red light, facing the sky. Originated from a series of photographs taken by the artist with his iPhone, converted into CNC files and fabricated through a common high tech industrial method of laser cutting steel, the fence project questions the complex issue of borders. Satellite dishes and
steel fences represent two opposing social impulses: communicating and building barriers. Among Paul Kneale’s sculptures in the vineyard, we thus find ourselves in the point of tension in which the borderless communication of the Internet exists simultaneously in a world made of real walls and
imaginary boundaries.

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