Birth of Fundación Sandretto Re Rebaudengo Madrid

On September 25th 2017, at Matadero Madrid, Manuela Carmena Castrillo, Mayor of Madrid; Patrizia Sandretto Re Rebaudengo, President of Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo; Luìs Cueto, Coordinator of the City Council of Madrid, announce the birth of Fundación Sandretto Re Rebaudengo Madrid.

Chiara Appendino, Mayor of Turin; Carlota Álvarez Basso, Director of Matadero; and Hans Ulrich Obrist, Director of the Serpentine Gallery were also there.

The Fundaciòn reflects the aim of enlarging the horizons of both Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo’s (established in 1995 and with more than 20-years of experience) exhibition programme and education activities, and will position itself in Madrid’s art and cultural system thanks to the dialogue with the local public institutions, communities, associations and firms.

The Fundaciòn’s venue will be the Nave 9 of the Centre for Contemporary Creation Matadero Madrid, the cultural centre that is situated in the district of Arguanzuela, a former slaughterhouse área and covering a surface area of 165,415 square meters.

Nave 9’s renovation has been committed to architect David Adjaye. Designed for displaying exhibitions, education activities as well as hosting meetings, the new Fundaciòn will present (on a rotation basis) 100 works of art from the Sandretto Re Rebaudengo Collection that, given on a long term loan, are at the core of the Madrid project.

“Madrid is a great European Capital, a bridge for Latin America, a continent the importance of which is widening on the contemporary art scene. I fell in love with the Matadero’s magnificent space” said Patrizia Sandretto Re Rebaudengo, “with its fascinating architecture and with its community, so engaged and committed. With the birth of Fundaciòn Sandretto Re Rebaudengo Madrid we are going to experiment and to grow the model and the practices that, every day and for more than 20 years, we have been applying to support young artists and to promote the knowledge of contemporary art and its social role, bringing it closer to an ever growing public”.

“I am really happy that, from now on, we will have the Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudego Collection displayed in the Matadero’s Nave 9” said Manuela Carmena Castrillo “The Fundación Sandretto Re Rebaudengo is what we need to have the collection here in Madrid, and make it grow and strengthen, just as it did in Torino. In this way, Madrid keeps on focusing even more strongly on culture”.

“Turin citizens are proud of the opportunity to export to Madrid such an international and qualified centre for the promotion of culture as Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo”- said Chiara Appendino, “an exhibition space that for more than 20 years has been attracting the attention of artists, collectors, connoisseurs and contemporary art lovers, and that has contributed to confirm the strength of the Turin creative network as a whole, characterized by a woven complex of both public and private interconnected institutions. A vocation that the Municipal Administration accomodates and encourages by supporting exhibitions, shows and events”.

“The creation of the Fundación Sandretto Re Rebaudengo is a great news for Madrid” said Luìs Cueto, “The agreement that we are presenting today will undoubtedly enrich the image of Madrid as a symbol for european culture, and it will create opportunities for artists, curators and lovers of contemporary art in our city.”

“Matadero Madrid has been, since its opening in 2007, a unique example of public-private management. This cooperation is in our DNA, and the promotion of collaborative work between the different organizations that are part of Matadero Madrid is our strength” said Carlota Alvarez Basso “With the Fundación Sandretto Re Rebaudengo Madrid, there will be ten cultural institutions working together. I am sure that we will establish a very important partnership with it, as we share the same ambitions: to socially contextualize contemporary art, promote reflections on the processes of cultural construction and to become a meeting point for artists and citizens”

This new venue strengthens Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo’s international profile. From the beginning its identity has been shaped according to a model of an institution open to prestigious collaborations with artists and curators, museums and galleries all over the world.

The project builds a bridge between Turin and Madrid: it enables the Fondazione to measure itself with the art system and the public of a great global capital and, at the same time, is perfectly in tune with Turin’s public policy of internationalization – a city that has been involved in a process of profound transformation. By bringing its expertise to Madrid, Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo becomes an ambassador of the capacities and visions of its hometown too, developing the idea of Europe that founds itself on the reciprocity of places, knowledge and cultures.

To begin with a consolidated philosophy, Fondazione’s two venues will operate in close contact, along a path nourished by dialogue and reflection, by projects, by exhibitions, by the Collection. Following a community-based view, each venue will have its own phisiognomy, as a result of the society, the education system and the local art system.

In September 2015, having visited the Matadero, Patrizia Sandretto Re Rebaudengo contacted the Town of Madrid, applying for the concession and the internal renewal of the Nave 9, with the aim of developing Fondazione’s activities through the support of young artists (with a special attention to the Spanish and Latin American scenes), the permanent display of the Collection and the realization of educational projects.

The proposal was presented to the Town of Madrid’s Cultural Offices first, and then submitted to the Mayor Manuela Carmena Castrillo. In February 2016 the Coordinator of the City Council of Madrid, Luìs Cueto, officially confirmed the Mayor’s decision regarding the concession of Matadero’s Nave 9 to Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo on a long term loan. Since then, The Town of Madrid and Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo have been negotiating with the shared aim of reaching a state concession for a 50 year period. On January 10th, 2017 Fundaciòn Sandretto Re Rebaudengo Madrid was officially set up.

Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo was among the first private foundations in Italy. It was set up in Turin on April 6th, 1995 by its President, Patrizia Sandretto Re Rebaudengo. In Italy the Fondazione has two exhibition venues: Palazzo Re Rebaudengo in Guarene d’Alba (since 1997) and the Centre for Contemporary Art in Turin (since 2002). During the years, the Fondazione has become an exhibition centre internationally renowned, that has collaborated with institutions such as TATE Gallery, Philadelphia Museum of Art, MoMA, Whitechapel Gallery and Bard College. Beyond the promotion and the support of contemporary art, the Fondazione has great experience in the areas of education, training and cultural mediation.

Patrizia Sandretto Re Rebaudengo

25 September 2017

Today is a very important day for me: it’s the day of the press conference that officially initiates Fundación Sandretto Re Rebaudengo Madrid, in the presence of Manuela Carmena Castrillo, Mayor of Madrid, and of Chiara Appendino, Mayor of Turin, in the wonderful Cineteca del Matadero in Madrid.

The new Fundación will open in 2019, in the spaces of Nave 9, one of the early 20th century buildings of Matadero, Centro de Creación Contemporánea, which was opened in 2006 by the Ayuntamiento of Madrid.

Over 20 years of experience in promoting contemporary art have led me to take this step. I was motivated by the desire to broaden the scope of the institution I founded in 1995, taking it to the context of a major European metropole. I like to think that the institution that bears my name, and that of my family, now has three homes, which are connected by a clear, coherent philosophy, but at the same time have defining features of their own: Palazzo Re Rebaudengo in Guarene d’Alba, among the hills of Piedmont; the Turin Center, opened in 2002 in a district that spearheaded the dynamic, crucial transformation which has been under way in my city in the past decades; and the Madrid headquarters, which will be located at the heart of a true laboratory for multi-disciplinary creation. These three settings are all attuned to the spirit of contemporary art: its ability to move between the local and global dimension, to voice feelings of closeness and vicinity, to express a relationship with the natural and urban landscape, and at the same time to invite reflection on the large-scale changes and emergencies of the present time.

Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo, in Guarene and Turin, together with the Madrid Fundación, are creating a new constellation, mapping out a new geography that concretely embodies an idea of Europe based on reciprocity – between places, communities, fields of knowledge and cultures. In the past few years, the dream of opening a new foundation has taken me to visit many cities and spaces. I have chosen Madrid because I consider Spain to be my second homeland, and because Spanish is a language I know well and am very familiar with. I chose Madrid because it is a big, global capital and a bridge to Latin-American culture, a growing scene, which I have been watching closely for a long time.

The Sandretto Re Rebaudengo Collection, which I started in 1992, will play a major role in the new Fundación. My Collection has always been open and vital: it forms the basis for the Foundation itself, and in its 25 years of existence it has traveled all over the world. The present season has been particularly successful for the Collection: following a consolidated strategy, I am both taking care of the Collection’s relation with the local territory and continuing to make it known on the international art scene. Next November, fifty works from my collection will be on view at the exhibition Come una falena alla fiamma – curated by Tom Eccles, Mark Rappolt and Liam Gillick – which is the result of our collaboration with OGR (Officine Grandi Riparazioni), the new Center of Fondazione CRT that will open its Turin spaces on September 30. Again on a local level, we have launched another major project, by initiating a dialogue with the City of Venaria Reale, and we have already paid several visits in order to identify a space, in which to permanently exhibit part of the Collection and organize exhibitions. Next spring our collection will travel to China, at the Rockbund Art Museum in Shanghai.

In the Madrid center, the Collection will be broken down into work cycles and shown periodically, creating an itinerary into contemporary art in the last decades, through works of internationally acknowledged artists created between 1990 and today.

The Fundación will be primarily an exhibiting center, focusing on research and on the production of new shows and new works. In keeping with our philosophy, it will contain spaces for an Educational Department, for cultural mediation, specialized training and artist and curator residencies. For designing the interiors I chose architect David Adjaye (among his recent projects is the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture in Washington DC, strongly advocated by Barack Obama), in collaboration with Spanish architect Arturo Franco. I asked the architects to work on the idea of a welcoming place, designed for works and artists, but also for the visiting public, and the schools and families involved in our laboratories. As in the other two centers of the Foundations, the principle of accessibility will be applied by removing both physical and cultural barriers.

In 2002, the Turin Center of Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo opened its doors after a participatory process involving the public and private sectors, a pilot process that was unprecedented in those years.

In 2017, the project for opening Fundación Sandretto Re Rebaudengo Madrid similarly involves a close collaboration with the Public sphere. In September 2015, after visiting the spaces of Matadero, I got in touch with the Municipality of Madrid, applying for the concession of Nave 9. The project was submitted to the Mayor of Madrid, Manuela Carmena Castrillo, and was officially accepted through the General Coordinator of the Municipality of Madrid, Luís Cueto, in February 2016. Since then a negotiation has been going on with the Madrid Municipality, with the shared aim of arriving at a 50-year domain concession, in exchange for restructuring the spaces and implementing a cultural program dedicated to exhibitions, education and research, focusing on different forms of contemporary artistic expression. The concession was formalized last September 8, with a decree signed jointly by the Mayor and myself.

Fundación Sandretto Re Rebaudengo Madrid was instituted in January 2017. The Italian and the Spanish Foundations will have common missions, goals, methodologies and good practices. They will be connected by a trajectory, which will be traced day after day by contemporary art. I hope that through my project I will also be able to contribute to the process of outward internationalization, which is one of the policy lines that my city, Turin, is currently pursuing, and rightly so.

There is still a great deal of work to do before the opening. Today, on the occasion of this official press conference, let me express my happiness and pride for having taken a bit of Turin in Madrid with the new Fundación Sandretto Re Rebaudengo, Madrid.